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    Electronic assemblies and integrated systems solutions including cable harnessing.

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    Electronic assemblies and integrated systems solutions including cable harnessing.

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    Electronic assemblies and integrated systems solutions including cable harnessing.

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    Electronic assemblies and integrated systems solutions including cable harnessing.

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    Electronic assemblies and integrated systems solutions including cable harnessing.



Collaboration with an outsourcing partner only makes sense when achieved on a long term basis. We therefore also offer you our full support both after production and delivery.

The project team and account manager will be available to you for assistance after production and following the end of the product life cycle. The account manager remains the key contact person and will co-ordinate Service and Support activities.

The results of this phase round up the spectrum of offers for the Vario system to a conclusive master concept.

  • Technical support in all process phases
  • Professional advice in system-relevant
  • Support within initial phase of production and operation
  • Adaptation of hardware and software on system modifications
  • Carrying out of repair work
  • Provision of spare parts
  • Delivery of spare parts and repair related products
  • Provision of updates und further developed products

  • Component check for EOL components

Even with the management of material we offer you the option of using our purchasing power with worldwide leading manufacturers and with this to be able to profit from reliable components at favorable prices. With our international global sourcing locations, we can optimally work on projects worldwide and better use the market fluctuations.


We watch the supply market for you, sift current price tendencies and thus establish the basis for an economic sale. We always meet dynamic market changes with up-to-date information and continuous performance optimization for our customers.

Supplier Management

We look for and qualify suitable suppliers, in compliance with your interests. We have built up good relations with our suppliers, which favor the search for optimal and quick solutions. For our customers, we place high demands on our suppliers. Additionally, we submit all suppliers to a detailed appraisal twice a year. Even that is a part of our quality management. They are subject to our constant control in terms of price, delivery time and quality.

Material Logistics

From procurement up to the printed circuit board assembly, the components are meticulously followed. Our tracing system is adjusted to ensure professional stock-keeping and material supply for the customer project. This is a very big advantage for our customers during the conversion to RoHS-compatible components. Our logistics department ensures an extremely effective stock-keeping, which in turn has an essential part in the smooth production processes.


Conflict Minerals Legislation Statement

Variosystems is committed to using materials that do not use minerals mined in conditions of armed conflict and human rights abuses, most notably from DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). Variosystems requires that suppliers report to us, if any components have been fabricated using materials mined from conflict areas per Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act.

Our account management controls all customer activities and is your contact person for any matters.

Your personal account manager controls all Variosystems activities for you and is your first point of contact as well as the person responsible for the smooth handling of all activities.

In addition, your project will be coordinated by experts. The account manager is the link between your product technology and our manufacturing and testing processes.

Account management is backed by a Variosystems expert team. Your customer data is carefully examined, processed and managed by our specialists. Our local procurement experts in Europe, the USA and Asia are connected via SAP, through which they can retrieve information regarding availability, prices and delivery in real time. In case of delays in delivery and component discontinuation, they are experts in finding alternative sources and alternative components.



Our engineering team is happy to offer you our engineering services. We want to spell out customer value and the synergies for the product industrialization with these activities and steer towards successful products.

Our in house Engineers can provide a full range of support. Below is a brief listing of our major capabilities.

We manage your high tech products from specification. Using complete total solutions, Variosystems covers the entire cycle: from product development through manufacturing to tested equipment or system.
Process- secure PCB assembly is ONE strong link of our complete services chain.
Overview of the Variosystems services:
  • Design and test engineering: hardware, software, creation of specifications, schemes, test development, layout, calculations of circuitry, mech. drawings
  • Support incl. presence of changes for product and cost optimisation
  • Consultation for new processes and cost optimization
  • Logistics for the international procurement of components
  • Production: SMD, THT, imprint technology, tool building, coating, potting, cable harness
  • Test service with all test processes
  • Customer logistics to end customer delivery: JIT, Kanban, consignent
  • After-sales Service & End of Life product support

Product Overview

Cable Harness
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