Facility Sri Lanka:
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Facility China:
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Variosystems adds a dedicated prototyping SMT line

As the economy slowly recovers, Variosystems continues to show its commitment to the future of the American market by adding additional equipment and capacity.

In keeping with its long standing tradition of using the same equipment for prototypes as will be used for full scale production, Variosystems has added an additional Siemens SMT line. The line consists of an MPM screen printer, S27 Chip Shooter, F5 Fine Pitch, and Electrovert OmniFlex 7 reflow oven. This line is fully capable of handling the same components as the other SMT lines (0201 and larger). By using the same equipment on prototypes, Variosystems is able to provide feedback to customers concerning design changes to improve the production process.

The new line will be used primarily for prototype and preproduction runs. It will be up and running as of June 11th.

Member of Swiss Aerospace Cluster: www.swiss-aerospace-cluster.ch